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What does Masalawala mean?   The server of masala. The server of all the flavours and spices and tastes and colors Indian cooking. Enjoy!

A little while back I was told I could not have chick peas (chana) with the same sauce used for butter chicken – “because it is not done”.

Well - why not? 

And I've always wanted healthier options to go with the amazing flavors of India (like a Keto Indian bowl?).

But it had to taste incredible. Had to look amazing!

So with some friends and incredible people helping us on our journey, we made our own place, and we knew people wanted to share our vision for how to eat Indian food in a healthy, enlightening, your-own-way.

We spent years perfecting the sauces (and we never, ever, stop perfecting them), we spent ages ensuring our meats and produce reflected our desire to eat well.

And never ever be robbed of taste!


We’re hoping you’ll like the vibrant, eclectic and welcoming spirit of India that we have tried to reflect in our art and colors here at Masalawala. More flavor to your fast-fuel-for-the-day!

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